Installer on coffee shops

The new coffee culture is creating a growing mass of demanding consumers. To satisfy their needs, roasters of gourmet coffee start to proliferate at shops opened to the public, selling different varieties of high quality coffee. Because of the rapid oxidation of roasted coffee, it is not advisable for a company to have in stock many varieties of roasted coffees, that means to toast small quantities of them every day.

In spite of being large or small toasters, all of them have the same quality problems, so a crafts-toaster must have the same elements that as a large company: a toaster equipment and a grinder, both of industrial type, but reduced in scale and production. Probably, you can save the automatic control and programming systems, but not in the basic system that means quality.

There are manufacturers who offer a wide selection of machinery for small productions and highly reliable techniques: roasters by hot air from 0.5 to 10 kg per load, and small industrial grinders of 2 kg per minute. They are machines that usually work in the presence of the public, showy, with high quality finish, that are supplemented by small silos, mixers.

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