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Coffee roaster TF-30

Special roaster designed for to obtain a coffee roasted with sugar. With a capacity of natural coffee of 30 kg and of coffee roasted with sugar of 25 kg. Very easy to handle and to disassemsibly and with a great roasting's homogeneity. Alarm for the control of sugar's load, for the roasting point, recirculation of hot air and fire steel household without maintenance. Roasting drum in stainless steel.
Coffee roaster TF-30

Chute loads for green coffee and sugar
Drum with double wall, without perforations
External drum isolated and recovered with alu-plate
Swing-bohter triggered through pneumatic cylinder
Husk cyclon incenerator
Circular cooler in stainless steel.
Separate aspiration fan for drum and cooler
Independent control box
Water outlet.

Technical data:
2.5 m3/h (gas natural)
2.8 l/h (gasoil)
Production: 90-120 kg/h
Power: 4.42 kw

Long: 2260 mm
Large: 2400 mm
Heigh: 2950 mm
Weight: 1300 kg

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