Coffee roaster TN-1
Coffee roaster TN-2
Coffee roaster TN-8
Coffee roaster TN-20/40
Coffee roaster TN-60
Coffee roaster
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Coffee roaster TF-60
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Coffee TN120

Coffee roaster TN-120

Full automatic roaster with a capacity of 120 kg per bach and a yield of 4-5 batches by hour, that is to say 480-600 kg for hour. Very simple construction, but also very robust machine with the most advanced and modern technology.
The digital temperature control and the recycled hot air permit to obtain a big power's economy.
Developed and manufactured with the last technology, very strong modulated elements, using first quality materials, allways with warranty of a low maintenance.
Coffee roaster TN-120

Automatic ten roasting programms memorized.
Hopper with tangential entry, show-glas and pneumatic discharge.
Drum with double wall without perforations.
Great discharge door with pneumatic command.
Show glas and pick-up samples
Warming by gas or gas-oil
Fire steel hansehold, without maintenance.
Exhauster of extraction and hot air recirculation.
Husk cyclon with corporated incinerator
Circular cooler of great capacity, with blower and two unbading oppenings.
Programmable and automatic control panel.

Technical data:
Consumption: 9 m3/h (gas nature)
10 l/h (gasoil)
Production: 480-600 kg/h
Power: 8.88 kw
Long: 3850 mm
Large: 2410 mm
Heigh: 3125 mm
Weight: 3100 kg

Coffee roaster TN-180

Coffee roaster TN-300

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