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Coffee roaster TN-8

Machine with a capacity of 5 to 10 kg green coffee per batch, roasting each 15-20 minutes depending of coffee types and roasting point desired. For its design this machine is appropriate for Coffee-Shops and for special coffees of high price that it is not advisable to make large roasting.
The machine appearance remembers an old classic roaster coffee with a modern technology and design. We obtain a big economy of energy due to the hot air recuperation system. With the digital temperature’s control we achieve that all batches have the same roasting point.
Coffee Roaster TN-8

Load Hopper
Digital Thermometer
Take off samples
Thermal Isolation
Shell collector cyclon incorporated
Independent switchboard

Technical data:
Production: 30-40 kg/h
Power: 15.23 kw
Tension: 220/380V 50 Hz

Large: 1900 mm
Heigh: 1810 mm
Long: 1075 mm
Weight: 600 kg
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