Customized installation for coffee and nuts

Discaf has got modern Systems of tridimensional design, so that every customer may achieve a full and customized installation according to his economical needs of daily production and avaible space.
There are not two identical installations. We manufacture a verywide range of coffee and nuts roasters, and also grinders for coffee.

We will adapt the rest of the facilities to your requirements, such as manual basic installations for very small productions or the automatic installation for World coffee sale productions as well.

In this section, we are going to show you the whole World of posibilities who nobody else will be able to offer you; now you have the chance to personalize your industry for the roasting of coffee and nuts, with infinite posibilities; with these practical examples you will see how much we can offer you according to your needs and we will help you to make the best choice using a three-dimensional design without spending any money you will be shown in a 100 per cent real form, how the roaster machines, grinders, the silos for storing coffee, raw or roasted, the transportation for coffee, silos for degassing ground coffee will be set in your available space.

A very important part to make your installation to roast coffee a really personal one, is that we adapt the size and volume of the silos for storing raw coffee or roasted coffee to your needs of production and space.
Then we are going to present some three-dimensional designs:





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